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Gas Products
Industrial Gases
We offer the full range products to cover your specific application needs. In addition to pure gases, our Centrashield Mig and Tig gas mixtures address a variety of applications and materials. Deliveries are dispatched from the store nearest you, so you are never left waiting for the gas you need!
Specialty Gases
We offer a wide variety of custom gas and liquid mixtures to suit the most stringent process control or analytical requirements. Our team of Gas Specialists can help you determine the specifications you need, as well as help you configure and install large-scale gas delivery systems.
Beverage Gases
We serve a comprehensive range of needs from gases for dispensing carbonated beverages and beer, to preservative gas mixtures for non-carbonated beverages and specialty gases used for wine-making. We also provide gas regulators, blenders and the full range of dispensing equipment.
Medical Gases
We provide an extensive supply of medical and specialty gas products to hospitals, surgery centers, dental practices, and other medical centers. Our highly experienced Medical Gas Specialists can help with design and installation of efficient medical gas systems, and provide support for on-site safety and regulatory compliance.
Bulk & Micro-Bulk Gases
Xpress Cryogenics, the Bulk and Specialty Gases Division of Central Welding Supply offers efficient service for gas volumes and gas pressures to the growing laser cutting/metal cutting market, and also provides gas supply systems for bulk welding shielding gases, beverage gases, food packaging, laboratories, and many other customer-specific applications.
Cylinder Gases
industrial cylinders

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