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Central Beverage Gases MEDICAL GAS DIVISION
Providing Medical Gases, Gas Systems and Equipment for Healthcare & Research:
Hospitals/Clinics, Laboratories, Physicians, Dermatology, Dental, and Veterinary Practices
Gas Systems & Equipment

  • Cryogenic Equipment
  • Cylinder Brackets
  • Cylinder Connections
  • Cylinder Storage/Handling
  • Cylinder Wrenches
  • Filters/Purifiers
  • Flowmeters
  • Hoses
  • Leak Detector Solution
  • Low Pressure Gas Alarm
  • Manifolds
  • Pressure Guages
  • Purge Assemblies
  • Regulators
  • Regulator-Brackets
  • Valves

Our vendors are chosen for the quality of their products and services. Whether it's fittings, regulators, or gas manifold systems, we can guarantee products that are designed and manufactured to provide unparalleled technical accuracy for the most demanding applications.
Brands: Medical Gas Products
Central Medical Gases provides gas systems and equipment determined by your specific needs. We can provide consulting on a wide variety of system applications.
Western Medica Catalog
Western Enterprises, Inc.
  Western Medica
  Download Catalog [PDF]
Central Medical Gases can design and install a system, compliant with safety codes and industry best standards, that meets your specific needs.


Featured Products:  

Chart We are capable to fill HELiOS U36 & U46 - Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs  
One Reservoir Fills all Top-Fill Portables
CAIRE Inc.'s versatile liquid oxygen reservoir works with HELiOS Personal Oxygen System as well as Companion, Stroller, Hi-Flow, and Spirit portable liquid oxygen units. The reservoir keeps delivery costs to a minimum, designed with a low-loss evaporative control system. The HELiOS Universal Reservoir can also provide oxygen directly to patients with an optional extrnal flow control valve.
  • Improve asset utilization by using one reservoir for top-fill portable units
  • Oxygen-saving features help reduce refill deliveries and operating costs
  • Electronic contents indicator eliminates guesswork
Ask our
Medical Gas Specialists

for details!
Western Enterprises, Inc. OxyTOTE NG - Portable Oxygen Therapy Systems  

OxyTote NG


Western designed the Next Generation Integrated Valve Regulator, the OxyTOTE NG, to meet the demands of both EMS emergency services as well as in-hospital patient transport. It is small, lightweight, ergonomically designed, and is easy to handle and transport. Every aspect of its intended use was carefully considered during the design process, including its length, which allows the OxyTOTE NG to fit into most EMS duffle bags as well as horizontally on most hospital beds and gurneys.

OxyTOTE NG is ready to act when you are. No separate regulator to locate and install on a cylinder, saving valuable time when you need it the most. Simply turn the unit on and set the desired oxygen flow. OxyTOTE NG knobs are larger and light in color, making them easy to see in even low-light situations. The built-in cylinder content gauge is easy to read and always indicates oxygen cylinder pressure.

OxyTOTE Regulator
OxyTOTE Cylinders
OxyTOTE Cylinder Specs
p p p
Defibtech-Lifeline AED Defibrolator

Life-saving techology within reach!

  • AED Defibrolators
  • AED Wall Cabinets w/Alarm
  • Carry Case
  • Accessories
  • Responder Kit


Belmed, Inc.
Belmed Branded Products
  • Emergency O2 Equipment
  • Fittings (Chrome Plated)
  • Flowmeter Systems
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Manifold Systems
  • Oral Surgery Equipment
  • Outlet Stations
  • Quick Connects / Bulk Tubing
  • Regulators
  • Replacement Parts
  • Scavenging Rubber Goods
  • Shut Off Valves
  • Standard Inhaler Goods
  • Stands / Mounting Brackets

Belmed Catalogs

Nitrous Stand

Victor Specialty Products

Victor Manifold

Automatic Manifold Systems

The Victor VM1000 Series is a fully automatic system for use with liquid cylinders. The manifold gives an uninterrupted supply of gas as the primary bank of cylinders is depleted. At a preset pressure, the manifold automatically switches to the reserve bank. The system eliminates the need for the operator to change switches or pressure upon cylinder depletion. The manifold comes with Victor's two-year warranty, while maintaining a five-year warranty on the switchover mechanism itself. The 1000 Series models include an an economizer circuit to help prevent reserve cylinders from wasting gas due to venting to atmosphere.
  • New frame mounted design adds strength
  • Meets or exceeds all industry requirements
  • Modular concept for ease of repair
  • All models are fully automatic
  • Improved performance
  • Patent pending switchover unit

Victor Manifold parts

Visit Victor Specialty Gas Products website for information.

Brymill Cryogenic Systems
Brymill Cryogenic Surgical Products

Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery devices used to treat a wide range of common skin lesions... available in 500ml and 300ml capacity, provide the ultimate in controlled application of Liquid Nitrogen to the lesion. CRY-AC® & CRY-AC®-3 units have a 3-year limited warranty covering against manufactures defect.

Brymill offers a wide range of cryogenic surgical products and cryogenic storage systems. Visit the Brymill website to see available products.


Cryogenic storage systems

Measures the temperature of the skin when spraying Liquid Nitrogen via the Cry-Ac® delivery system.

CONCOA Medical Regulators

CONCOA medical regulators are designed with the same quality, care and attention to detail as all of our other flow control lines. If you are looking for high quality, cost effective medical flow control equipment, CONCOA has the product you need.

Download Concoa Catalog [PDF]

Anthony carts


The PRO-NOX is a pneumatically driven gas system designed to deliver a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture to adult and pediatric patients for the relief of pain and anxiety in a medical setting.

Anthony carts


ACCUTRON Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation equipment and accessories, including lower profile and clear-view nasal masks.


Anthony carts

Anthony Cylinder Storage & Handling Products

Anthony Welded Products has the most complete line of cylinder carts, racks and storage products conforming to Federal D.O.T., OSHA, N.F.P.A., C.G.A., and ANSI standards.

Anthony Carts

Download Anthony Catalog [PDF]

Anthony Cart
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