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Beverage Dispensing Equipment
Nitrogen Generators insure the perfect draft for every type of beer!
Perfect draughts
Soda/Carbonated Beverage Systems
  • Dispensing Towers
  • Refrigeration Units
  • Soda Accessories
Beer Draught Systems
  • Dispensing Towers and Drip Trays
  • Beer Chiller Units
  • Beer Accessories
Gas Blenders
Gas blenders provide both economy and function for dispensing draught beers and lagers. The benefits of self-blending include:
  • Reduced volume of wasted beer
    A balanced gas blending system represents incredible value, considering the loss of beer that can be caused by an unbalanced system. The economy of a balanced gas blending system outways the cost of installation.

  • Cheaper alternative than premixed gases
    Premixed gas cylinders are more expensive. Use of a gas blender allows you to buy carbon dioxide and pure nitrogen, and the gas blender creates the desired blend.

  • More accurate blending
    Our gas blenders are guaranteed accurate within 2%, and are individually tested before leaving the manufacturer.
Nitrogen Generators

An integral component of a draught dispensing system is the gas that is used to "push" the product from the keg to the tap. The right mixture of CO2 and nitrogen guarantees quality and reduces operating costs.

Central Beverage Gas provides a line of Nitrogen Generators that offer reliable operation for blending CO2 and Nitrogen for mixed gas blends. These gas mixtures:

  • Reduce foaming and over pour,
  • Increase keg life and utilization,
  • Improve quality and taste, and
  • Guarantee draught profits.

An effective Nitrogen Generators system will eliminate over carbonation and/or flat beer from your beer systems.

CO2 Alarms

We offer CO2 monitoring products used by breweries, restaurants, machine shops, garages and many other businesses as a low-cost way to warn employees to stay out of enclosed areas with high CO2 levels.

Measuring indoor CO2 levels is important for

  • Indoor air quality
  • Preventing toxic CO2 levels

Carbon dioxide, in the form of dry ice or liquid in canisters, pose a potential deadly threat when stored in enclosed spaces. As CO2 levels rise, the quantity of volatle organic compounds (VOCs), odors and micro-organisms in the air rise too.

In addition to air quality, a buildup of carbon dioxide gas can also effect your health. Studies have shown high CO2 concentrations directly effect your ability to concentrate on tasks. Insure healthy air quality for your patrons and employees!



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