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GAS PRODUCTS: Industrial Gases | Bulk & Micro-Bulk Gases | Specialty Gases | Beverage Gases | Medical Gases | Laser Gases
Our experienced gas specialists are available to answer questions and help you determine the right product.
Industrial Gases  
Acetylene Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen
Argon Chemtane 2 Oxygen
Breathing Air (OSHA) Helium Propane
Centrashield Welding Mixes Hydrogen  
Medical Gases    
USP Oxygen USP Carbon Dioxide Blood Gases
USP Nitrous Oxide USP Breathing Air Specialty Medical Mixes
USP Nitrogen USP Helium  
Beverage Gases    
Carbon Dioxide Beer Gas Mixes Wine Production Gases
Centrashield Shielding Gas Mixture Chart Gas Mixtures Chart
All AWS mixtures are made with UHP Quality Gases that Meet or Exceed all AWS standards.
#1 GTAW (All Metals), GMAW (Al & Cu) 75 AR 25 He
#2 GTAW - GMAW, Al 3/4" - 1-1/4", Cu 1/2" - 3/4" 50 Ar 50 He
#3 GTAW - GMAW, Al 1/4" - Up", Cu 3/4" - 1-1/4" 25 Ar 75 He
#4 GMAW - Mild, Low Alloy & Stainless Steels Spray 98 Ar 2 O2
#5 GMAW - Mild & Low Alloy Steels Spray/Pulse  95 Ar 5 O2
#6 GMAW-Mild Steels S.C.T./Spray/Pulse 90 Ar 10 CO2
#6.2 GMAW-Stainless S.C.T./Spray/Pulse; Low Alloy Steel Spray/Pulse 98 Ar 2 CO2
#6.5 GMAW-Mild Steels Spray/Pulse; Low Alloy Steel Pulse 95 Ar 5 CO2
#6.8 GMAW-Mild Steels S.C.T./Spray/Pulse 92 Ar 8 CO2
#7 GMAW -Mild & Low Alloy Steels, Stainless FCAW, S.C.T. & Mod Globular 85 Ar 15 CO2
#8 GMAW -Mild Steels & Stainless FCAW, S.C.T. & Mod Globular 75 Ar 25 CO2
#9 GMAW - Stainless S.C.T. Tri-Mix/90 He 7.5 Ar 2.5 CO2
#11 GTAW - Stainless, Manual 97.5 Ar 2.5 Hy
#12 GTAW - Stainless, Automatic 95 Ar 5 Hy
#20C GMAW - Stainless S.C.T./Spray/Pulse  Tri-Mix 79 Ar 20 He 1 CO2
#23 GMAW - Mild Steel S.C.T./Spray/Pulse 91 Ar 4 O2 5 CO2
Certificates of Conformance (COC) Certificates of Analysis (COA)
This certificate defines the minimum gas specifications for product distributed as "UHP" grade and provides quality assurance for gases filled within a batch.

COC's are available on request for all the gases we fill and distribute.

This certificate defines the standards of gases analyzed by individual cylinder/ vessel and is an actual cylinder/vessel analysisfor the UHP specification.

COAs may be requested at the time of gas order for an additional charge.
Contact Gas Specialist, Gary Emerson for further information regarding our gas certifications. CALL: (360) 454-5550
EMAIL: garyemerson@centralwelding.com
Get the gas you need, when you need it!

Delivery throughout Western Washington and now Northern Oregon. We serve customers from Portland, OR to Anacortes and Burlington, WA, and from Olympia to Port Townsend.

  • Bulk Gas Delivery
    Your bulk gas delivery is worry free. We schedule delivery based on your usage, monitored by wireless telemetry.
  • Cylinder Gas Delivery
    Pre-scheduled delivery (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly); same-day delivery for emergencies or unplanned run-outs; weekend or after 5PM deliveries may be schduled for special events.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
    Our emergency support number is provided on every cylinder

Compressed Gas Cylinders
Cylinders We offer a variety of sizes in fillable and non-fillable gas cylinders.

Gas Cylinders

Acetylene Alternative


Low Cost, Efficient,
and Clean Fuel Gas!
Chamtane II




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