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Medical Gases
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Why choose Central Medical Gases?
Because we're local... Medical Gases
  • Our customers rely on us for fast and efficient gas delivery from one of our 22 retail distribution centers throughout Western Washington, Oregon, and Alaska
  • Customer' routine and emergency orders are all managed from the nearest location, insuring service and accountability
  • Whether you're placing an order or seeing information on your account, you can always expect prompt service from a local contact
Experience ~ Service ~ Convenience
Meeting the needs of today's modern medical facilities, we offer an extensive supply of medical and specialty gas products and equipment. We provide a wide range of portable cylinders options. Or, for large scale operations, we can configure gas system installations plumbed directly into your healthcare facility.

Central Welding Supply is the only regional provider capable of producing gases and gas mixtures to meet our customers’ need for all grades and purity specifications. Our 10,000 sq ft cylinder fill plant at Smokey Point, WA headquarters, is the centerpiece for distribution of cylinder gases throughout Western Washington, Oregon and Alaska. We currently fill oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, and their derivative mixes in both cryogenic liquid and high-pressure gaseous forms. We are capable to produce ultra-high purity gases, extremely high pressure gases, and specialty gas mixes in-house, providing the most complete gas products line in our region. Our fill facility currently processes and fills over 25,000 cylinders per month.

  • Largest independent distributor of medical gases in Western Washington
  • Established provider for hospitals, surgery centers, dental practices, medical centers, and research centers
  • Medical Gas Industry/Facility compliance support for requirements as outlined by NFPA, CGA, USP, JCAHA, OSHA, and NIOSH
  • Consulting support and on-site safety and compliance inspections
  • Highly experienced and knowledgable associates, qualified to address all product handling issues
  • 22 retail distribution centers throughout Western Washington, Oregon, and Alaska
  • Your need is our priority - your patients will never wait on oxygen or any gas
  • Dedicated to excellence in customer service - our prefessional staff is always eager to be of assistance!

Western designed the Next Generation Integrated Valve Regulator, the OxyTOTE NG, to meet the demands of both EMS emergency services as well as in-hospital patient transport. It is small, lightweight, ergonomically designed, and is easy to handle and transport. Every aspect of its intended use was carefully considered during the design process, including its length, which allows the OxyTOTE NG to fit into most EMS duffle bags as well as horizontally on most hospital beds and gurneys.
OxyTOTE NG is ready to act when you are. No separate regulator to locate and install on a cylinder, saving valuable time when you need it the most. Simply turn the unit on and set the desired oxygen flow. OxyTOTE NG knobs are larger and light in color, making them easy to see in even low-light situations. The built-in cylinder content gauge is easy to read and always indicates oxygen cylinder pressure.


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